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The Old Red Phone Box

Grade II listed Phone Boxes outside the old Post Office in Court Road

The classic red Phone kiosk was voted the greatest British design of all time earlier this     year, beating the Routemaster double-decker bus and the union flag into second and third places. Today about 57,500 phone boxes remain on British streets serving the public, and of these there are still some 9,400 which are the traditional red phone box models.            
The designer of the Red Phone box was Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (1880-1960) who designed the GPO's K2 and K6, which was the most famous models of phone box designs, the      Telephone kiosks first appeared in the 1900s. These were usually inside shops and hotels, which provided people with a quiet area where they could make calls in a private space.   

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott was also responsible for the building of the Battersea power station  the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, and the  Bankside power station  now the Tate Modern

The K2, which stood 9ft 4in (2.8m) tall and measured 3ft 6in (1m) wide,  was considered expensive and very unwieldy to install. The GPO then tried various other types of phone box until Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's update, the new K6,  which people would today consider the traditional British  phone box,  which appeared on the streets in 1935 and after a few modifications to prevent vandalism, a total of 70,000 were made. They had wooden doors and stood 8ft 4in  (2.5m)  tall and measured 3ft  (0.9m)  wide, they weigh around three quarters of a tonne, and required a crane to move them into position on a concrete base.

Many of the old red phone boxes, the most common of which is the K6 model, were       eventually decommissioned in the mid 1980s when the newly privatised British Telecom   decided to replace them with the new aluminium-framed KX100 light weight model.         

The classic Red Phone Box is a reminder of a time when products and buildings were built to last and to show the pride people had in their communities and the things that they had to share, including the public telephone box. They are as much a symbol of Britain as the  yellow cabs of NY and are in great demand the world over, one kiosk has a place on the   fourth floor of a Manhattan office building, but the UK still remains the biggest market...  

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's prototype design for the  British red phone box  can be found to this day under the left arch at the entrance to the Royal Academy of Art in London

The old Post Office in Court Road


42 Dunraven Place, Bridgend
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Bridgend Sandwich Bar.
Est: 1940

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The Old Post Office Garage
The Old Post Office Garage

Royal cipher E VIII R. 1936

Bridgend ROF 53
Bridgend ROF 53

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Hut 9
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