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    Bridgend the town by the river 

The Old Bridge
The Old Bridge   
The Old Historic Bridge over the river Ogmore

This bridge is a Scheduled Ancient Monument (GM049) and a Grade II* listed structure, its Origin dates back to c.1425 which places it as a Medieval structure, with its two stone arches (originally five) spanning the river Ogmore in Bridgend, the towns name in Welsh is 'Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr,' which means 'Main Bridge by the River Ogmore.' The original five span stone bridge had three main river arches and a smaller flood arch on each bank. The piers had straight pointed cutwaters, and the roadway rose up to the centre of the bridge.

This history Plaque is by the steps in Dunraven Place.

Before the Old bridge was constructed, travellers crossed the river at a ford, north of the site, between the Norman settlements of Oldcastle, or on the East side Nolton,  and on the west Newcastle. The town that subsequently grew on the eastern side of the bridge was then named Bridgend, growing to absorb Nolton and Newcastle and the surrounding area.

The Old Bridge
Located on the wall left of the Old Bridge

In August 1775, a tremendous flood demolished the western pillar, almost destroying two arches on the western side. The old Bridge was rebuilt with a single arch of double span and backs on to Dunraven Place the buildings being constructed in the early 1800 on the eastern end and leads onto the bridge through an ally way between two shops. The last known motor vehicle to cross the bridge was in 1920 the roadway is only 2.6m wide between parapets and not available to motorised traffic but is now used as a footbridge.

The bridge was restored in 2005 and again in 2011 with the cobble tracks being re-laid with traditional lime mortar in keeping with tradition. In 2007 The Bridge had an award from The Bridgend Civic Trust.

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Bridgend History

The Old Post Office Garage
The Old Post Office Garage

Royal cipher E VIII R. 1936

Bridgend ROF 53
Bridgend ROF 53

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Hut 9

Hut 9
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The Old Historic Bridge

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