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    Bridgend the town by the river 

The Old Post Office Garage

Old Post Office Garage
The Old Post Office Garage was built in 1936 and was only one of two crown buildings constructed at that time, the only other being in Scotland, during the short reign of King Edward VIII the uncrowned king who only reigned from  (January-December 1936). The old post office garage is in a poor state of repair but can still be seen in Derwen road and is unmistakable as it has the Royal cipher E VIII R. 1936 in the centre and above the entrance of six sliding wooden doors flanked by two pillars finished in a rough cast coat.
The building has a spiral stair case and had a lift leading up to the sorting office on Station Hill and now in an unsafe condition, with a slide on one side for the mail bags to be sent down to the waiting postal vans. Below there is a large damp basement which is divided into rooms the purpose of which is unknown at this time. The garage was used by Postal and Telephone vans in the 60s. The sorting office backed onto the post office in Court Road which was used by the post office up until early 1970s when it moved to a new location in Dunraven Place where it is today, the sorting office and Garage remained for some time before moving to it's new home on Tremains Road.

The building is known locally as the old fire station as it has a large bell on the outside wall although there is no documented evidence of it being used as such, it is possible  however that it housed a backup fire engine during the war years to service the needs of the largest Ministry Of Defence munitions site in the country which was located in Bridgend.

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Bridgend History

The Old Post Office Garage
The Old Post Office Garage

Royal cipher E VIII R. 1936

Bridgend ROF 53
Bridgend ROF 53

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Hut 9
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