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    Bridgend the town by the river 

The HMS Mallow

A Royal Navy Corvette

The HMS Mallow was a Royal Navy Corvette of the Flower class K81, she was built by Harland & Wolff Ltd. Belfast, Northern Ireland after being ordered on the 19th of           September 1939 she was laid down on the 14th of November and launched 22nd of May 1940 and commissioned on 2nd of July and adopted by Bridgend during "Warship Week"

HMS Mallow saw her first operation on the 17th of  November 1940 under the command of  Lt. Cdr. W.B. Piggott, RNR when they picked up 18 survivors from the 1044 ton       British Motor merchant ship Saint Germain that was torpedoed and sunk by the German   submarine U-137 just North West of Tory Island.

U boat 137

On the 19th of October 1941 the HMS Mallow under the command of Lt. W.R.B. Noall, RNR and the British sloop HMS Rochester Cdr. C.B. Allen, RN attacked and sunk a       German submarine the U-204 with depth charges from each of the ships just off Tangier.

German submarine U-204

Following the sinking of 9000 ton Inverlee by the German submarine U-204, the corvettes of the 37th Escort Group were despatched from Gibraltar to carry out an anti-submarine  sweep off Cape Spartel,  Morocco. The HMS Mallow obtained an asdic contact on her    starboard quarter and dropped a pattern of seven depth charges.  After regaining contact,  she turned around to carry out a second sweep, but the echo was not sound. After passing through a large patch of oil some 200 yards long and 50 yards wide, the Mallow regained   contact, the HMS Carnation also obtained a contact after passing through the oil patch     which they judged to be a U-boat that was stationary on the bottom. The Carnation then dropped five more depth charges, but they were not so sure if this was U-204 since it was two miles further east. HMS Mallow remained in the vicinity of the oil patch until she was joined by HMS Rochester on the 20th of October. The sloop dropped five depth charges into the patch of oil which increased, but was found to be diesel. Another pattern of five depth charges produced a further volume of oil but no other evidence. A day later parts of a G7a torpedo were recovered about eight miles away from the position of the oil patch.  so it was assumed that the U-204 must have been severely damaged or even sunk by the initial attack of HMS Mallow and the depth charges dropped by HMS Rochester either     finished her off or broke up the wreck lying on the sea bed.

HMS Rochester                                   HMS Carnation

The HMS Mallow was transferred to the Yugoslavian Navy and renamed Nada in 1944, then as Partizanka in 1948 but shortly after she transferred to Egypt as El Sudan.


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