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    Bridgend the town by the river 


His Majesty's Motor Torpedo Boat

At the outbreak of war II there were three flotillas of Motor Torpedo Boats between 60 ft. and 72 feet long. These could maintain 40 knots and were armed with two torpedo tubes. They were built by the British Power Boat Company, Vosper and Thornycroft. A surface craft with a main armament of torpedoes, that was intended to travel at sea with the battle fleet and to attack major enemy warships in the area, but they were used in other missions

Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs) were designed for high speed and night operations and low speed ambush, they also had great manoeuvrability on the water, with a low noise level     and little or no wake, which enabled them to get close enough to the enemy to launch their torpedoes.  The craft relied upon surprise and their ability to manoeuvre at high speed to    avoid being hit by gunfire from the enemy.

The H.M.M.T.B.47 was adopted by Bridgend during "Warship week" in 1941. She was a new Motor Torpedo Boat of the White 73 feet-type class, and built by J.S.White & Co. Cowes, England, U.K. she was ordered on the 27th June 1939 and commissioned on the 8th of July 1941.    Her service was a short one as she was attacked and sunk by gunfire from a German surface craft off the coast of Cap Griz Nez France. 17th of January 1942.

The first Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla

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Bridgend Sandwich Bar.
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The Old Post Office Garage
The Old Post Office Garage

Royal cipher E VIII R. 1936

Bridgend ROF 53
Bridgend ROF 53

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Hut 9

Hut 9
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